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Zenith, a One Minute Horror Film

Official Selection of the 2021 NYX Horror 
13 Minutes of Horror" Festival

Habitate: A Study

Finale to #NeverAlone


The idea of a directorial "concept" gets a lot of bad press; stick to the text, we like to cry. Keep it simple. Concepts muddy up the story. And sometimes all that is true. But sometimes, bringing a transformative new concept to a text can elevate it and turn it into something entirely new, something entirely special. When I directed Daddy Long Legs, a story about a pair of smitten Turn Of The Century pen pals, instead of creating a realism-tinged minimalist set with some books and a desk, I made the entire space appear to be constructed out of book pages and letters. Over the course of the play, both characters added each new letter they received to the already copious collection covering the walls, and every prop exchanged between the characters, from tea cups to boxes of chocolate, was made from paper. Jerusha and Jervis' relationship was built on their mutual love of literature, Jerusha's authorial aspirations, and of course, their prolonged and intimate letter correspondence- their relationship was built on a foundation of paper, and so, then, was their shared space. The script may not have called for paper birds and torn up book pages, but the story did.


Photos by Scott Ray

Zenith, #NeverAlone and "Cassandra Q+A"


An Immersive Instagram Experience

Story by: Anna Miles, Chloe Cole, and Sabina Friedman-Seitz

Directed and Edited by Anna Miles

Scripts by Chloe Cole and Anna Miles (respectively)

Performed by Sabina Friedman-Seitz


Production photos by Max Herzfeldt and Miranda Clement, Publicity Photos by Chris Meissner

A Sad Tale's Best for Winter


A Feminist Adaptation of William Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale

Written and Directed by Anna Miles

Workshopped with Noise Now at A Noise Within Theatre

Click here to read an excerpt from the script.

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Photos by Chassey Bennett

Scavenged Stories: Making Something from Nothing


A Photo Series created for Beating of Wings: An Artist Collective exploring the boundaries and expansions of femininity, and the ways in which we craft our identities even in an absence of abundant resources; styled and directed by Anna Miles

Production photos by Regan Wong, Featuring John Shartzer and Melissa Dunham

Daddy Long Legs: The Musical


Book by John Caird

Music and Lyrics by Paul Gordon

Directed by Anna Miles

Produced by Melissa Dunham


Production and Publicity Photos by Alaura Hernandez

It Was the Nightingale: Persephone's Play


Written and Directed by Anna Miles

Under the Mentorship of Lookingglass Theater Founding Member David Catlin

Click here to read an excerpt from the script.

Production Photos by Chauna Goldberg

Think of Me, Fred Weasley


Written and Directed by Anna Miles

Produced by Melissa Dunham

Adapted from the actual high school journals of Anna Miles and Melissa Dunham

Starring Anna Miles and Melissa Dunham with Mazie Rudolph on piano

For For 


Click here to read an excerpt from the script.

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