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            Beating of Wings is committed to building a community which                  supports women and other underrepresented artists in their                    journeys to create, develop, and produce vital, socially conscious              work. 


              Beating of Wings celebrates art that brings forth those voices                  that have been forgotten, forbidden, and suppressed, and which                presents unique interpretations of the world that are fresh, new,                and necessary. Beating of Wings prizes innovative storytelling                    and approaches its work with a true collaborative spirit. While                  our mission and much of our language emphasizes women as                  our primary focus, our collective is for every person, female or                  otherwise, who has ever felt silenced, in the arts or in life. 

              Beating of Wings is primarily concerned with the production of              theater and staged events, but the collective is also committed to              the intersections between different art forms and strives to                      maintain a diverse roster of female ensemble members, both in                terms of their artistic fields and in terms of their life experiences. 

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